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Saturday, December 13, 2014





“I think we have a methodology that is extremely detailed and thorough in evaluating both what we have and what we need, and creative in how we go about filling whatever needs we have” - Stan Kasten

The Dodgers are coming off a season where they won 94 games winning the NL West for the fourth time in the last seven seasons sounds pretty good right? The only thing is they have made zero World Series appearances. The roster flaws that have been costing them in October become all too clear this season. The Dodgers were a dominant regular season team but they simply weren’t built for deep playoff runs.  It became clear to ownership that Ned Collette had taken the Dodgers as far as he could. A change was needed so exit Colletti and enter one the premiere baseball minds in the game in Andrew Friedman as he was given the title President of Baseball Operations. Obvious alert: This was a huge upgrade and absolutely vital to make to take the next step forward as an organization in search of a championship. Notice all the teams that have been winning the majority of World Series lately have had excellent GM and Manager duos?  Boston, Cardinals & Giants. Friedman then added Farhan Zaidi to be his General Manager and Josh Byrnes a former GM himself to be his Vice President of Ops . All 3 of them highly regarded as top level baseball brains and together they form the decision making trinity, The Dream Team if you will. This signified a new era in Dodgers baseball.  In the socialist revenue sharing and luxury tax era it is no longer viable to just throw money at your problems the Dodgers needed to get smarter to work around the CBA and they apparently did.

I have identified 5 ways the new front office improved a 94 Win teams chances at short as well as long term success.

1.   Upgraded Defense
Let’s Start by penciling in Joc Pederson in CF the organizations best option, by doing so it allows you to move Yasiel Puig back to RF which now upgrades that spot defensively. Matt Kemp's defensive metrics show he simply a good OF anymore.  So on paper they improved in CF as well as RF. 

Let’s move to the infield, The Dodgers replaced one of the worst defensive SS in all of baseball with Jimmy Rollins who ranked number 1 last year in SS fielding percentage. We all remember the bleeder up the middle that Hanley couldn't get in the playoffs that cost Clayton Kershaw.
Yasmani Grandal coming over from the Padres a former 1st round pick is entering his prime years and it’s widely known around baseball for being the best pitch framer in game, on the contrary metrics show AJ Ellis as not being strong in a stat category at all. A stat Andrew Friedman values significantly, remember Friedman rolled with Jose Molina in Tampa who rates the best framing catcher since the stat was introduced. So in Grandal you get upgrade defensively as well as gain about 15 more HR offensively out of the catcher position as well. 
Dee Gordon was far from a Gold Glove caliber 2B,  Howie Kendrick is a slight upgrade defensively. The real kicker is the Dodgers get a middle of the order type bat to help offset some of the production lost. Remember Kendrick hit cleanup for the Angels at times.
The Dodgers upgraded at 5 positions defensively This pitching staff doesn’t need a lot of runs scored for them.  Name a team to win a World Series with defense as bad as Hanley & Gordon manning the middle? You can’t.

2.  Roster flexiblity.
How many outfielders is too many? Did you really want 1/3 of the the 25 man roster to be made up of OF?  It's clear they did not want to trade their now perennial All- Star Yasiel Puig & Stan Kasten has made it clear they want one of their home grown talents to crack the starting lineup so they want to see what Joc Pederson can do.  With those 2 off the table Matt Kemp was the asset with the most trade value, given Andre Ethier is simply unproductive and Carl Crawford's health is always a question mark and of course both those contracts are out of control. On top of that they have a very undervalued Scott Van Slyke who would probably hit 25 HR if given the ABs. Not being able to move Andre Ethier basically forced the Kemp trade in my book.
3. Kept top prospects.
Andrew Friedman has managed to completely overhaul his roster without giving up the Big 3 prized possessions. They managed to keep Corey Seager  some scouts describe as the next Troy Tulowitski,  Julio Urias a 18 year left hander who had a sub 2.5 era this season and of course they kept Joc Pederson. The Dodgers seem to be part moneyball with a splash of win the damn game. They won’t be afraid to spend on key pieces but they understand keeping one eye on the present and one on the future is the correct approach. While it's universally believed the Dodgers aren't done making moves what's clear is The Dodgers have all of their trade bullets still available. The Dodgers picked up Jimmy Rollins to hold down the fort while Seager gets ready, Howie Kendrick has 1 yr left and that could possibly open up a spot for Alex Guerrero or someone else. Dodgers decided to dump Kemp with that big contract and beat up body to clear space for the younger controllable mega prospect.

4. Streamline payroll. 
The Dodgers have a out of control payroll because they wanted to become competitive right away and picking up all those Red Sox was simply used as a quick fix to make the team more exciting but it was never their intention to keep adding on to the payroll. Baseball has made it tough on clubs with the luxury tax getting up to the point of matching dollar for dollar if over the cap. While they won't be afraid to spend to win they needed to reallocate funds and spend a little more wisely. Dumping Kemp's contract opens up the option to go after a high priced player that could fit into a position they actually need via picking up a contract via trade or free agency.

5. Improved team chemistry. 

Do you think it was easy for Don Mattingly to juggle the OF situation last year? It was dysfunctional. How about adding Pederson into the mix this year? Andre Ethier already was crying he wanted to start or be traded and that happened in December over a 100 days before the season starts. How about letting 2 injury plagued starters on the wrong side of age thirty and replacing them with guys about to enter their primes.

Matt Kemp has shown he doesn't perform when you play him in LF his production falls off the table dramatically its almost like he pouts when stuck out there. Don Mattingly has said Kemp will never play CF again as long he is the manager. Why would he say that? Well Kemp has lost his quickness, he is no longer that explosive player anymore and forget about being a good CF he barely holds his own in RF. Face it Dodger fans Yasiel Puig is the future, he is controllable on  decent contract, he is several seasons from even entering his prime and he is already a 2 time All Star and 1 of 3 players currently playing to have received MVP votes in every season he has played (Miguel Cabrera & Jose Abreu are the other 2 players). With Puig with his best days ahead - Matt Kemp appears to be on the decline, I believe Friedman and the trinity thinks what Kemp did in the 2nd half last season was Matt's absolute peak. While it hurts to trade him off for what appears to be a unsexy return you need to look at the big picture.

@Ken_Rosenthal: #Dodgers know they will be sharply criticized for Kemp return. Had surplus in OF, hole at SS, need for  Overall roster upgrade was goal.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 MLB's Most Valuable Hitters


In a season that saw many of baseball's best players go down to injury and lose much of the season ( Matt Kemp, Joey Votto, Jacoby Ellsbury,Troy Tulowitski, Jose Bautista, Giancarlo Stanton, Evan Longoria) there was still plenty of players that had outstanding years.  I give to you this seasons most valuable hitters. 

These guys must of watched their instructional videos over and over because they can crush soft toss. 

13. Aramis Ramirez. Milwaukee Brewers. One of the most underrated players in baseball Aramis has been putting up numbers for 15 years now. Flying under the radar for 2 reasons, one he is in Milwaukee and two he has Ryan Braun on his team. 

.300 Average/.360 OBP/.540 SLG/.901 OPS 
171 Hits 50 Doubles 27 HR 105 RBI

12. Albert Pujols. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  After a horrible start in Anaheim after signing the mega deal Pujols obviously turned it around. Still a top 5 hitter in my eyes his start to the season was so bad it is a small miracle that his numbers are this good. People that doubted Pujols should be ashamed of themselves. 

.285 Average/.343 OBP/.516 SLG/.859 OPS.  
173 Hits 50 Doubles 30 HR 105 RBI 

11. Matt Holliday. St. Louis Cardinals. One of my favorite players Holliday had another outstanding season swinging the bat, hard to believe he is always overlooked when talking about the great right handed hitters in the game. With Holliday leading the charge the Cardinals have the NL's scariest line up 1-8.  

.295  Average/.379 OBP/.497 SLG/.877 OPS.  
177 Hits 36 Doubles 27 HR 102 RBI

10. Adrian Beltre. Texas Rangers. With so much fire power in the Rangers line up Beltre has emerged as the Rangers most valuable player in my eyes. A defensive wizard at the hot corner he is baseballs best 3B. Yes better overall than Miguel Cabrera. 

.321Average/.359 OBP/.561 SLG./.921 OPS. 
 194 Hits 33 Doubles 36 HR  102 RBI

9. Prince Fielder. Detroit Tigers. A hot September landed Prince at 30 Home Runs and another great season. While not driving the ball out of the park at his normal rate he still managed to drive in his share of runs.

.313 Average/.412 OBP/.528 SLG/.940 OPS. 
 182 Hits 33 Doubles 30 HR  108 RBI.

8. Robinson Cano. NY Yankees. Is this guy ever going to win the batting title that Yankees fans jabber about all the time? The answer is no he won't but that doesn't mean he isn't the most productive 2B in the game right now. The Yankees best player had another great season coming up just short of 200 hits and 50 doubles. When it's all said and done he might just be the most productive 2B the games ever seen. 

.313 Average/.379 OBP/.550 SLG/.929 OPS. 
196 Hits  48 Doubles 33 HR 94 RBI

7. Edwin Encarnacion. Toronto Blue Jays. If i was to tell you at the beginning of the year that Edwin would be a top 10 hitter in all of baseball you would think I was a tool. With an .OPS of nearly 200 points higher than last season the red flags are up for me on this one. Time MLB pushes for HGH testing in season???  

.280 Average/.384 OBP/.557 SLG/ .941 OPS. 
152 Hits 23 Doubles 42 HR 110 RBI.

6. Josh Hamilton. Texas Rangers.  Hamilton's last season with the Rangers was a roller coaster filled with high's and lows. When right he is one of the top 5 scariest batters to face. One of the most talented players in the game he will joining forces with Albert Pujols and Mike Trout next season creating a super lineup. 

.285 Average/.354 OBP/.577 SLG/.930 OPS. 
160 Hits 31 Doubles 43 HR  128 RBI.

5. Andrew McCutchen. Pittsburgh Pirates. We are to the point now were it is needless to say that everyone moving forward on the list was a MVP candidate putting up numbers like they did. McCutchen just might of been the best overall player in the NL this season. The Pirates franchise player has stepped up and become a legit top 10 player in baseball. 

.327Average/.400 OBP/.553 SLG/.953 OPS. 
194 Hits 29 Doubles 31 HR 96 RBI

4. Buster Posey. SF Giants. While it is my opinion that the Cardinals have the best all around catcher in the game in Yadier Molina, Posey is pushied Molina this season with a MVP campaign. All this production at the catching position is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. 

.336 Average/.408 OBP/.549 SLG/.957 OPS.
 178 Hits  39 Doubles 24 HR  103 RBI. 

3. Mike Trout.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The number one prospect in baseball Bryce Harper who? Stepped out of his prospect label and has become the best all around player in baseball since his May callup. Imagine what a whole season would of produced? While it is uncertain if this is going to be a standard season or the best season of his career one thing is certain, his potential greatness is limitless. The fact you can say he has a chance to be the best player of all time is something that should wow you - Remember he just turned 21. 

.326Average/.399 OBP/.564 SLG/.963 OPS. 
182 Hits 27 Doubles 30 HR 83 RBI

2. Ryan Braun. Milwaukee Brewers. Last seasons tainted NL MVP in many ways had an an even better season this year. Ryan Braun has established himself  along with Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera as the 3 great right handed hitters of this era. To go down as an all time great it certainly helps to play in the playoffs. The question remains will Ryan Braun ever make back into October as a Brewer?  With the emergence of the Reds and the Cardinals always being strong it's not looking good for the near future. 

.319 Average/.391 OBP/ .595 SLG/..987 OPS. 
191 Hits 36 Doubles 41 HR  112 RBI. 

1. Miguel Cabrera.  Detroit Tigers.  7th season hitting over .320. Had over 30 HR which now gives him 8 seasons of doing that. While  his career stats aren't quite Albert Pujols numbers he has been the closest thing to "The Machine" MLB has seen in the Pujols era. Surpassing all his career averages in major stat categories he pulled the Triple Crown and if that isn't good enough for the #1 spot I don't kno what is. Baseball's most dangerous - best hitter for the entire 2012 season. 

.330 Average/.393 OBP/.606 SLG/.999 OPS. 
205 Hits  40 Doubles 40 HR 139 RBI


Tuesday, November 13, 2012



photo from  courtesy of the AP 

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans are far too concerned with trying to resign Torii Hunter. Wake up people. While I am a huge fan of the guy and losing him will be disheartening to the Angels, Anaheim has more important things to worry about this offseason.  While I don’t agree with not resigning Hunter, fans have to realize the Angels now have a Grand Canyon sized hole in their pitching staff with the loss of Ervin Santana, Dan Haren and its inevitable Zack Greinke will sign with someone else, probably the Texas Rangers, Thanks Arte let another star player leave to a rival.

What are the Angels going to do to replace the 3 quality starters they are letting go? This would be my concern Angels fans considering pitching was the main reason the Angels missed out on the playoffs for a 3rd consecutive season. The idea of trying to find quality arms to replace over 550 innings lost with those 3 gone is a daunting task and I am not sure that Jerry Dipoto or any GM can find 3 quality arms in 1 offseason.

While I understand Torii is a very likable player and I am right there with you with not wanting to lose him especially to a contender like the Rangers, Tigers or Red Sox we have to understand he shouldn’t be the first priority this offseason get over it.  It’s pretty clear management wants to use Peter Bourjos next season, is that a mistake? Probably but it seems to have been predetermined.  Let me clear that up, its not a mistake because Peter is a horrible player but I have to question why wasn’t Bourjos traded last season for a pitcher? Teams were and still remain interested in the guy. How about the Atlanta Braves this offseason who have an excess of  starting pitchers and appear to be losing Michael Bourne and would be looking for a Center Fielder to replace him. Jair Jurrgens looks to be on the trading block. There are many options and more than a few teams looking for a CF. 
Lets get back to last season. The Angels outfield  was  already maxed out  with quality bats, Mike Trout, Torii Hunter, Mark Trumbo and Vernon Wells. Why did they keep Peter Bourjos when you have 4 outfielders already? Can someone explain why he wasn’t used  as a centerpiece in a package deal to go out and get an arm last season let alone this offseason especially now when the Angels seem to be desperate for starting pitching? I’m still scratching my head over this.  I got to say Peter Bourjos did look good riding the pine though didn't he? He was a valuable asset chewing seeds on the bench next to Maicer -  he definitely helped the Angels riding the bench more than a pitcher would.  If Dipoto didn't move Peter last season it’s pretty clear they  knew all along that they wanted to use him this season.  The Angels management never really wanted to make it a priority to sign Hunter.  Whether you agree or not that seems to be the case as reports have come out that Bourjos will now split time in Center Field and Left Field as Trout will move to Left Field some games. Another questionable move but that can be dealt with when it actually happens. 

What are the Angels options. Well the first priority would be to resign Zack Greinke and pay him what he wants anything to keep him in the rotation.  If Greinke goes to Texas it is going to be a double whammy for the Angels not only will they lose an ace, their number one rival will become even stronger and put the Angels further behind the 8 ball.  If Greinke isn’t willing to resign with Anaheim then then there are other options? There certainly is pitching available albeit not as good of options but still serviceable arms are out there. I would look to Anibal Sanchez and try signing him to a long term deal and double it up with making a run at the very solid and underrated Hiroki Kuroda to a one year deal as a stop gap until next offseason. Kyle Lohse should also be looked at as he has been racking up quality innings the last couple seasons for the Cardinals and has postseason experience. 

There needs to be a sense of urgency to nail down at least 2 starting pitchers to fill that massive 550 plus innings lost this offseason. What will happen? No one knows. One thing is for certain if the Angels don't get help on the mound don't look for them to be a serious World Series threat next season. Arte Moreno seems to get a pass from the Angels faithful read this to see what I think of Moreno's shaky ownership  Why Moreno gets a pass and other sports owners take heat from the media like New York Knicks owner James Dolan is beyond me. Many say it's the GM's job but the bottom line is the owner is the one signing the checks and has final say in all transactions.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Miguel Cabrera Vs. Ryan Braun


Who is the most productive hitter in baseball? We are looking for the best hitter right now and for that reason we only are looking at stats over the last two seasons. We filtered out a long list of contenders and have narrowed it down to the top slugger in the American League and matched him up with the National League's best.  As Albert Pujols continues to regress it looks like Miguel Cabrera is now the premier offensive force in baseball edging Ryan Braun in some of the key categories. 

Look at Cabrera missing only 1 game each of the last two seasons  while averaging just over 200 hits a year for a guy with that much power is ridiculous. 

Stats Last 2 seasons 
Games Played 322 
At Bats  1194 
Runs 220
Hits 402 
Doubles  88 
HR  74 
RBI 244
BB 174 
AVG. .337 
WAR 7.1 

Stats Last 2 seasons 
Games Played  304
At Bats  1161
Runs  217 
Hits  378 
Doubles  74
HR  74
RBI   223
BB  121  
AVG.  .325
WAR   7.25 



Games 139  Hits 182  
HR 30  RBI 83
27 Doubles 8 Triples 
  • 2012 League Ranks: 
  • • 1st in MLB in WAR 10.7 
  • • 1st in AL in Runs (129)
  • • 1st in MLB in SB (49)
  • • 2nd in AL in Batting Average (.326)
  • • 2nd in AL in OPS (.963)
  • • 3rd in AL in SLG (.564)
Here are some other outstanding MLB Rookie seasons courtesy of

Ichiro Suzuki, 2001 Mariners: 7.5 WAR 
Stats: .350/.381/.457, 8 HR, 69 RBI, 242 H, 127 R, 56 SB, 126 OPS+, Gold Glove, MVP

Albert Pujols, 2001 Cardinals: 6.3 WAR
Stats: .329/.403/.610, 37 HR, 130 RBI, 47 2B, 112 R, 157 OPS+, 4th in MVP

Nomar Garciaparra, 1997 Red Sox: 6.5 WAR 
Stats: .306/.342/.534, 30 HR, 98 RBI, 44 2B, 209 H, 122 R, 22 SB, 123 OPS+, 8th in MVP

Mike Piazza, 1993 Dodgers: 6.8 WAR 
Stats: .318/.370/.561, 35 HR, 112 RBI, 81 R, 153 OPS+, 9th in MVP

Fred Lynn, 1975 Red Sox: 7.1 WAR 
Stats: .331/.401/.566, 21 HR, 105 RBI, 47 2B, 103 R, 162 OPS+, Gold Glove, MVP

Ted Williams, 1939 Red Sox: 6.6 WAR 
Stats: .327/.436/.609, 31 HR, 145 RBI, 44 2B, 11 3B, 131 R, 160 OPS+, 4th in MVP

Shoeless Joe Jackson, 1911 Naps: 9.0 WAR 
Stats: .408/.468/.590, 7 HR, 83 RBI, 45 2B, 19 3B, 233 H, 126 R, 193 OPS+, 4th in MVP

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Angels fans have a real dislike for Mo Vaughn and I really can't understand why? I have never heard anything nice said about the guy in southern california. Fans act like the guy didn't produce for the Halos, like he was a complete lazy bust. Have you even bothered to take a look at the numbers? If you had you would see he was a very productive player up until his injury back in 2001.  I find it interesting that Vaughn's numbers compare nicely to Albert Pujols stats this season. 

Mo Vaughn 
Games 139
Plate Appearances 592
AB 524 
Hits 147
Runs 63
HR  33
RBI  108 
BA  .281
SLG .508
OPS. .866
Total Bases  266

Albert Pujols
Games  154 
Plate Appearances  670

AB  607
Hits  173
Runs  85
HR   30
RBI  105
BA  .285 
SLG .516
OPS.  .859
Total Bases  313

While it looks like Albert gets the best of him in season 1 it might be difficult for Pujols to keep up with Vaughn after completing season 2.  
Mo Vaughn's second season with Anaheim he played in 
161 games 
and had over 700 plate appearances. 
He hit 36 HR with 117 RBI 
with an OPS. of over .860. 

THAT WOULD BE 69 homers and 225 RBI in two seasons 

Given Albert's numbers this season I think it would be considered a pretty good year if he could reach Vaughn's 2nd season power stats. Let that soak in for a sec. 

The fact that Albert Pujols will have to have a better season next year just to keep up with Mo Vaughn's Angels totals should say something. Vaughn looks far from a lazy bust so far.  If you expected Vaughn to carry the same average he did in Fenway then you probably didn't think did you? I mean suddenly 215 foot jam shot fly balls aren't doubles.

If you look at Mo's numbers and compare them with where he would rank in today's game he would still be considered an elite 1B. Which means the Angels did get 2 great seasons out of the guy and isn't that better then 4 or 5 below average seasons? In a world of bad contracts it could of been a whole lot worse. If he doesn't rupture that tendon who knows how his tenure with Anaheim plays out. I would assume he would of continued being a very productive power hitter in the middle of the order and poor Scott Spiezio would of never got a chance. 

Vaughn was a very fine player he finished in the top 5 of the MVP voting 3 times.  winning it back in 1995. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Real MLB All-Stars of 2012

2012 1st TEAM -  ALL MLB

C.    BUSTER POSEY. San Francisco Giants. Where would the Giants be without Posey? Probably wouldn't of been in the playoff's let alone win the West and knock out the Central winning Reds. Probable NL MVP and Comeback Player of the Year he is one highly touted collegiate player that actually has panned out. 
.336 24 HR 103 RBI  .957 OPS  WAR 7.2

1B.  PRINCE FIELDER. Detroit Tigers. With Votto out much of the season, Prince took over as the games best first baseman from start to finish. Excluding Votto, Prince ended with the highest average amongst 1B and finished tied with Adrian Gonzalez for most RBI. A premiere bat in the game with a great track record Fielder is the man this year. 
.313  30 HR  108 RBI  .940 OPS. WAR 4.5

2B.   ROBINSON CANO. NY Yankees. Maybe the best player in the game according to Yankee fans he is certainly one of the most arrogant. Cano crushed it in the regular season before having possibly the worst postseason ever. A WAR of 8.2 is legit far and away the best 2B this season. 
.313  33 HR  94 RBI .929 OPS. WAR 8.2 

3B.  MIGUEL CABRERA. Detroit Tigers.  The scariest guy in baseball for pitchers to face right now is the Triple Crown winning Cabrera. Even with Adrian Beltre having another outstanding season Cabrera is the clear cut choice at 3B since we don't factor defense much into this equation. 
.330  44 HR   139 RBI  .999 OPS. WAR 6.9 

SS.  IAN DESMOND. Washington Nationals. A lot of people would of gone with Jeter here but we prefer power bats over opposite field singles. 25 bombs out of the SS position makes for one heck of season. Other SS had great halves of the season but Desmond put it together for the entire year. 
.292  25 HR   73 RBI   21 SB  .845 OPS.  WAR 3.2 

OF. RYAN BRAUN.  Milwaukee Brewers.  Braun ended with a higher OPS than Josh Hamilton and double the WAR. If Posey wasn't a media darling Braun would wrap up his second straight MVP. 
.319  41 HR  112 RBI  30 SB  .987 OPS. WAR 6.8 

OF.  MIKE TROUT. LA Angels of Anaheim. Rookie of the Year is in the bag and he will be in a battle for MVP with Miguel. The best all around player in the game this season his WAR puts Trout's season in the top 25 best seasons of ALL TIME people. 
.326  30 HR  83 RBI  49 SB  .963 OPS. WAR 10.7 

OF. JOSH HAMILTON. Texas RangersIf you are willing to put up with all the crap that comes a long with having Hamilton in your line up there isn't many better. His numbers speak loudly but so does his constant injuries and headgames. A premiere hitter in the game when he allows himself to chew tobacco, he will be the big Free Agent this off season. 
.285  43 HR   128 RBI  7 SB  .930 OPS. WAR 3.3 

DH. ANDREW McCUTCHEN. Pitt Pirates. Second in WAR to only Mike Trout, Cutch put together an outstanding season that would have seen him higher in the MVP voting if his team didn't collapse in the second half. A top 10 player in the game going forward this could be his coming out party. 
.327  15 HR   96 RBI  20 SB  .953 OPS. WAR 7.0 

SP  CLAYTON KERSHAW. Los Angeles Dodgers. 
227.2 IP  14-9  2.53 ERA  229 K's  1.02 WHIP  WAR 6.3 

SP  JUSTIN VERLANDER. Detroit Tigers. 
238.1 IP  17-8  2.64 ERA  239 K's  1.06 WHIP  WAR 7.5 

SP  R.A. DICKEY. NY Mets. 
233.2 IP  20-6  2.73 ERA  230 K's  1.05 WHIP  WAR 5.4 

74.2 IP  2-2   0.60 ERA  48 Saves  0.78 WHIP .167 BA

I didn't make either team are you serious? The Perfect Game wasn't good enough for you? 

2nd TEAM
C.    YADIER MOLINA. St. Louis Cardinals. Best all around catcher in the game in my opinion his numbers actually make a strong case that I am right. It doesn't hurt he just caught a World Series winning staff last season and again making a deep run. He keeps getting stronger as an offensive player.
.315 22 HR  76 RBI  12 SB  .874 OPS   WAR 6.7 

1B.  ALBERT PUJOLS. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  A tale of two seasons for Albert. He would of loved to erase the first half of the season. He came on strong and shrugged off the hate and battled all the way back to have what would be a career year for many good hitters around baseball. 
.285  30 HR  105 RBI   .859 OPS. WAR 4.6 

2B.  AARON HILL. Arizona Diamondbacks. Probably our most controversial pick but if you breakdown 2B then you will see Hill ended with better numbers than Pedroia and Phillips. Not the popular choice on the national level but for this season its the right one. 
.302 26 HR  85 RBI  14 SB .882 OPS. WAR 4.6 

3B.  ADRIAN BELTRE. Texas Rangers. A first team caliber player lands on our 2nd team due to some guy named Cabrera. The best all around 3B in the game. Still can't believe Angels owner Moreno lost out on Beltre because he didn't want to pay him the extra year. Good call. 
.325  36 HR  102 RBI  .921 OPS. WAR 6.6 

SS.  DEREK JETER. New York Yankees. Jeter magically found the fountain of youth this season. Over 200 hits again this season. I wonder if he gave out more gift baskets then RBI's this season 58 seems like a good wager line. 
.316  216 Hits  15 HR  20 SB  58 RBI .791 OPS. WAR 2.1 

OF.  CARLOS GONZALEZColorado Rockies. He missed some time which resulted in missed AB's but he still put up impressive numbers. His .881 OPS does it for me. 
.303  22 HR  85 RBI .881 OPS. WAR 1.3 

OF. MATT HOLLIDAY. St. Louis Cardinals. Holliday is just about as steady as they come. Great hitter, again with over 100 runs batted in as he leads the Cardinals deep in the playoffs again this season- this time without Albert. 
.295  27 HR 102 RBI .877 OPS. WAR 3.8 

OF.  ADAM JONES. Baltimore Orioles. Talks of MVP in the first half he faded a little down the stretch but still led the O's into their first playoff appearance in blah blah. 
.287 32 HR 82 RBI  16 SB .839 OPS. WAR 3.4 

DH. EDWIN ENCARNACION. Toronto Blue JaysControversial pick here but the guy played out of his ass all season long. With a higher slugging percentage than McCutchen and Fielder, Encarnacion season was definately a head scratcher. 24 doubles along with 42 bombs what can we do other then to but him on the team? 
.280  42 HR  110 RBI   .941 OPS. WAR 4.5 

SP  DAVID PRICE. Tampa Bay Rays.
211 IP  20-5  2.56 ERA  205 K's  1.10 WHIP  WAR 6.4 

SP  JOHNNY CUETO. Cincinnati Reds.
 217 IP  19-9  2.78 ERA  170 K's  1.17 WHIP  WAR 5.8 

SP  FELIX HERNANDEZ. Seattle Mariners. 
232 IP  13-9  3.06 ERA  223 K's  1.14 WHIP  WAR 3.06

RP.  CRAIG KIMBREL. Atlanta Braves. 
62.2 IP  3-1 1.01 ERA  42 Saves  0.65 WHIP .126 BA